Wednesday, April 8, 2009

List of Django Multilingual Model Solutions

A list of multilingual solutions for Django. Do you know of some more?
This really speaks about the flexibility of the django model api as all use different solutions to the same problem. It´s hard to say which is the best, as it depends a lot on your project requirements, but I am drawn to the simple ones like django-multilingual-model.

With django-multilingual-model you need to create one translation model per base model. But, this has a huge advantage to be able to control non text translations like attached files and images or publish per language settings. And it is the easiest to understand, making it really worth looking at before creating your next multilingual app.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary, the last one on the list is the one I have been searching for! Simple recursive relation instead of a heavyweight machinery. Saved my day.

Ɓukasz Korzybski said...

Thanks forthis very nice list of current solutions, well done.

Stefannch said...

Here's another:

And a tutorial for i18n:

robcharlwood said...

You might also find my own package django-mothertongue worth a look if you are looking for a lightweight model translation package :-)

Documentation at: